Cramer - Worst Case Dow View

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  1. Most people, outed by the likes of the Daily Show missive, would crawl into a hole out of sheer embarrassment. Not this guy.

    Like trying to scrape dog shit out of the sole of a running shoe.
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    wow, he says JPM to 5?!?
  3. Daily Show gets more material.
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    Obama the wealth destroyer and Obama-resistant stocks

    "With President Obama putting targets on the backs of the oil stocks, defense contractors, utilities, health insurance companies and the drug and medical device makers, Cramer said he's found two more stocks that appear to be "Obama resistant."

    He said that Becton Dickinson (BDX - Stock Picks) and Baxter International (BAX ) are two stocks worth considering. ... "
  5. XOM returns to 1996 levels -> -350 points
    CVX returns to 1996 levels -> -350 points
    IBM runs out of pension fund to raid and goes back to 1996 levels -> -500

    Haven't even looked at the other 90% of the stocks in the index and we're already at his "lowest conceivable" level.
  6. I would like to see this clown straighten up for once. He coulda made a killing by shorting GE, his own parent company. It dropped a whopping 85% in less than 12 months. Boo-ya, my ass. SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

    Speaking of which, how come analysts from Morgan Stanley and others NEVER downgrade their own company? Don't they have a fiduciary duty to make short recommendations on their own company, as long as they're able to make money for their clients?!!
  7. Did you see him on Colbert?
  8. Did you guys listen to me !! Betting against Cramer is a moneymaker !!