Cramer went crazy today!!!!

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    Obviously he lost a lot of money today, on CNBC he was yelling about Bear Stearns causing the Dow to drop after releasing the headline about the worst bond market in 22 years.

    I think Erin started getting scared of him.
  2. LMAO

    TY Jim, drive this market down
  3. Jim baggin on the fed after last wk saying they were our national guard in finance.

    Notice how Erin kept her mouth shut for once.
  4. It would have been cool if he had a heart attack!! What a dork!!
  5. LT701


    why do people still listen to, and talk about this guy?

    he's the definiton of noise

    that was pretty much proven by 2001, if not long before

  6. He must be bottom picking the financials.

    He must've sold futures before that rant.

    Someone. please post this on youtube.
  7. because it's americans who watch tv.

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  9. Hey....for better or worse....Cramer speaks his mind....and if he or someone else on the street sees a major problem developing, and they have a pretty solid grasp on the situation, and you have the FED sleeping on watch, ...then shaking things up, rattling the cage, and rolling em out of bed is the thing to do.
  10. He's looking for a platform to name drop.

    F'ing hopping monkey attention whore.

    It's funny though.
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