Cramer was right

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. second large sell-off in a row after his sunday call.
  2. S2007S


    right, just like he said the market bottomed a few months ago or the time when he said buy oil and NG just a few months because it was going higher, its well after the fact, if he called dow 10k or said to sell everything, even at DOW 12,000, I would have gave him alot of credit, but not after the fact.
  3. He's a blind squirrel.
  4. Didnt he say dow 7000? Still a long way off?
  5. he may be blind, but he surely smelt something.
  6. "he may be blind, but he surely smelt something."

    what he smelt was the fact that he told his viwers viewers to sell after the dow fell 4000 points rather than spot the double top in novemeber at 14,200 when he was talling everyone to buy. he is on tv with a stock show; he is supposed to be an expert. any idiot could say sell after a 4000 point drop; only the chosen few spotted the low volume double top. perhaps i should have my own show.
  7. Adobian


    He is like us, and fifty/ fifty kinda guy. Sometimes he is right and he would boast about. Other times he brushed those stupid calls under the carpet. But he is a good clown for a show. I like his soap opera.
  8. lassic


    lol, saying the market is going down, when the market is going down