Cramer: Trump shouldn't publicly attack the Fed, but I agree with him

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  1. "I agree with President Trump that the Fed needs to tighten less aggressively, even as he probably shouldn't have said those nasty things in public because he's making it harder, not easier, for Jerome Powell to give him what he wants," he said. "When you look at the economy empirically right now, you start to see real problems."
  2. Disagree.

    There should be a "cost of capital". Enterprise needs to be able to accommodate that and still be profitable. America did just fine.. GREW LIKE CRAZY... when Treasuries yielded 8.5%, money markets, 6% and passbook savings 5.25% (we used to think of that as a "lousy yield", you know. Investors would "give their left nut" for such a yield today.). All monetary/fiscal policy since has been nothing but greed in a variety of forms.

    The alternative is "overly cheap money" which allows all kinds of bad/weak economics/politics to fester.... and eventually, there will be HELL to pay for it all. :(
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    Yeah -- that was a typical Cramer punt.

    2012, Trumpidiot was maligning the FED for "sparking inflation! It's terrible! It's gonna be massive!" Wah wah wah. And now that he figures the winds have shifted to the other tack, Mr. Weathervane has himself shifted, 180°/100%. (For 30+ years, that guy has disgusted me, by having his forefinger in the wind while his thumb is up his bum.)

    Cramer (and all of CNBC) know this in detail. Sheeesh.
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    It is ridiculous for Trump and the white house to brag about how the economy is stronger than ever and everything is great and amazing and then complain that the Fed doesn't keep accommodating them with further stimulus
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    cramer made his money on quant. easing and on his wife's stock picks. he wants the Fed to create a bubble like the old Japanese bubble which bought the Nikkei to 40,000. it then went under 10000
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    But the base doesn’t know that. His base sees their 401ks dropping and he’s looking for someone they can blame that is not him.

    If the market sells off further, it will be the Democrats and immigrants who will get the blame.
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    Trump should stay away from talking about the overall stock market and interest rates... I lean right and his comments on that subject always bothered me.
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