CRAmer telling people to back up the truck before Black MOnday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Copernicus, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. gotta love the guy...
  2. "Black Monday" #17 now since May 2006 in the ever popular Elite Trader apocalypse predictions.
  3. #1 in my book..
    all pieces are in place for a nice "surprising to some"down day on Monday, it may not live up to its precedesssor but it will be painful..
  4. I love 100% up room to go $$$
  5. how much $$ are you holding long over this weekend?
    love and talk doesnt make you $
  6. Too many people think its going to be black monday for it to be black monday.
  7. sledged


    Respect! That's what I've been riding since the bears came out in Sept because that is "the worst performing month" i have come to learn that if youre a lemming youre gonna get smoked. When a guy I know who fixes motorcycles for a living is suggesting Sirius stock @ $7.50 i know that thing is headed down.
  8. Didnt Cramer blame hedge fund redemptions today on the down market?

    If redemptions were the reason, then why should we buy on Monday? Im sure if redemptions were the reason then the selling would continue until the end of the month or even well into January. Maybe he is reasoning that redemptions only happen the first of the month and then after the 1st, no more.

    Cramer went to Harvard??? I think not. His logic cannot be followed.
  9. Cramer was going on about the REAL reason why wallmarts sales were down...

    "because poor immigrants can't get a drivers license and can't drive to wallmart now to shop". he had this 6 point verification form that he had mailed to him.

    The guy mostly talks like a complete moron. Total bull market baby.

    He will not have his show in a years time when things turn sour.
  10. I wonder what will happen to the TSCM stock when they finally take the Mad Money garbage off the air.
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