Cramer taking credit for sell at 10,000 call

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    Didn't he make another hundred "bottom" calls since then? Is GE so desperate, that they pitch all their shows on other shows now?

    And then, s and p 900, he calls bottom in real estate.

    So he calls bottoms and tops, and picks what he wants to highlight. That's like the old racing tip sheet that picked four horses in the Belmont. You send one tout sheet to one state picking one, one to another state picking two,....etc. Then, whichever one wins, you go back to those people for the subscription.

    Where's the SEC (again?)? You think this is hurting people? You think this mocks the process? Does it add value?

    I think not.
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    Too bad he was saying buy in the 14,000s.

    His financial bottom call in July 2008 - how did that go? XLF was at $17 then. Ooops.

    He's delusional.
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    What kind of drugs do you think Cramer is on?

    Seems like a walking medicine cabinet.
  5. I think he's running from his own past, and he thinks the arrogant bit will do it. a guy like him left a long trail, and it'll come back to bite him.