Cramer Supeonaed In Gradiant Probe

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  1. JC is involved in market manipulation? noooooooo.

    Has anyone ever seen the action stocks he mentions on "stop trading?" They jump .60 to 1.50 sometimes just as he's talking about it!
  2. Boyeah!
  3. Imagine him running around his prison cell like he does on his TV show, but this time his cellmate is chasing him. He could televise it from his cell and call it "Mad Sodomy". :D
  4. I've made too much money rapidly buying the stocks as he mentions them and selling few seconds later. It was basically free money.
  5. no such thing as free money... you paid a steep price, i.e. you had to listen to the lunatic for how long?
  6. yeah, it's crazy how these stocks would jump. Could traders who took advantage of these possible manipulations get in trouble from the sec?
  7. Best entertainment on TV! I actually enjoy watching Cramer.
  8. I'd rather listen to Yoko Ono records.

    The stupid bastard is stepping all over his dick, that is assuming he can get it out of Herb's mouth. He's being caught in lies right and left.

    3:38 EST - Further Update. Jim Cramer - Victim, or shifty, guilty dog? You decide. A few minutes ago, on Ron Insana's show, Cramer and Herb were doing their tag-team of outrage, and they were discussing the companies in the subpoena - NFI, OSTK, OVTI - and Cramer blurted out, "I like OVTI" or something much like that. Wrong, Jim, or rather, incomplete answer, no? You didn't until just recently, and the subpoena isn't likely for the last few weeks, ya think? Seems just a wee bit, well disingenious, doesn't it? Here, from

    Total shame. Education. He wants to educate. Like Richard Prior said, " So I'm sitting there with my pants off, and her ole' man comes downstairs. Listen boy, I woiks hard givin' my little girl a education, and nots the kind you wants to give her." That kind of education.
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    Didn't Mr. Cramer write in one of his earlier books about how Maria Bartiromo used to get tooled by the hedge fund guys with info in stocks they had positions in?
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