Cramer Sucks Up To Ron Paul

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. I thought Cramer was a Clintonista. Guess not. He was gushing with man love over Ron Paul just now on his show. Said Paul was the only candidate who understood what was wrong with the Fed. Amazing, Paul is going mainstream.
  2. Cramer must have seen the Ron Paul blimp.

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  3. Ron Paul is probably the least bad of all available options.

    Though his election would signal the effective end to the republican party. Would be quite interesting to watch the splintering of the GOP....a mere 14 years after Newts Republican revolution.
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  5. dinoman


    The truth hurts!
  6. dinoman


    Well if its the "recent" Repulican party than good. I can't complain if its the republican party of the Ronald Regan days.
  7. I love it, Cramer on monetary policy. Hell, he's probably the worst, crying for easier money all the time.

    Good Luck!
  8. Thanks Dude, never happened to see Cramer in an actual broadcast.
    What a moronic idiot this guy is; I knew he was bad but this beats all my expectations. I can't believe he is even on TV, have standards gone that low?
    Why is he shouting all the time, unbelievable. Really. Djeeez. Would be nice if RP had said: " why don't you just stop shouting already?".
  9. moo


    Strange indeed. Cramer has always been shouting for easier money, and now he suddenly turns to Paul who advocates the exact opposite.

    Seems he (Cramer) is above all a populist. Now he is sniffing a trend for Paul, and trying to get on board.