Cramer: Stop thinking, just buy the dips!

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  1. This guy is on the money!!! Just buy the dips as we go higher day by day. DoNT BE LEFT OUT ON THE ACTION!!!


    "Intraday Action Gives You Your 'In'"
    By Jim Cramer Columnist
    5/18/2007 2:27 PM EDT

    As stocks take breaks, you get your chance. Again, using a 1985 model, it was intraday trading that gave you your best chance to start positions. At some point, you would get a dip and you had to be bidding. You did not get big slides to speak of.

    I know this is quite contrary to everything that you have seen and done since this new millennium began. But this market is contrary to everything we have seen for years.
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    Just printed this post. I think he's nailed the TOP!

    At the risk of sounding like another doom-and-gloom ET'er, this market is beginning to feel like it did early in 1987...
  3. Have to agree. This market's a joke. Schwab might pay dividend? BUY! GE sells plastics div? BUY! Oil near highs? BUY airlines! What kind of BS is this?

  4. You have to remember the line of "there's a shortage of stocks" too.
  5. Hmmmm, taking advice from Cramer is not advised. My grandma also said she heard it was time to buy. Which is why I sold out all my longs today and started scaling into longer term YM shorts.
  6. It's "Markets Gone Wild."

    I heard some putz on Bloomberg earlier who runs a fund and he was just saying everything is a buy pretty much...said that because China has money to invest overseas that that's a reason to buy because of liquidity. Also said that if the US runs into problems it won't affect China anymore...he was the most idiotic sounding fund manager I have ever heard.

    I want to hear from some of these funds who have liquidity to be buying. GOOG is his single largest holding...I'm not sure he should be trusted. :D
  7. Just trade what you see right square in front of your face.

    I am starting to trade both sides of the market, were as I have been just trading from the long side

    I am hoping to catch a big drop. Buy support sell resistance on days like today BE FLEXIBLE AND LOOSE YOU OPINION.
  8. Why do you want to catch a big drop?
  9. Cramer is right

    stick with cramer!@1
  10. Hmmmmm

    How many SP 500 companies have been taken out so far?

    How many more will go?

    I don't know, but if you have money where you going to put it to work?

    Everyday I go the mailbox and get offers from credit companies for rediculous things.

    I just got an offer to lock in at 4.99% of the life of the loan on some credit. Hell I can borrow and carry trade that. There are stocks out there that pay dividends greater than that. Hell I can lock in a CD rate on the internet higher than that.

    If you know how to use credit and have some, money is waaaay easy right now. STILL!
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