Cramer shorts here you go! LOL

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  1. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take): "I missed the run ... and for that my head should be cut off [sound effect of knives being sharpened] . I think the complex of BOT [Chicago Board of Trade] , Google and the CME are all gonna be up between here and year-end. Any pullback is a buy -- and a gift."

    Oh the fools that will get burnt by Cramer!
  2. probably a few cramer people licking their wounds today. he pulled another buy before earnings boner yesterday. he said to buy txn ahead of earnings.

  3. Dont forget his beautiful hour long pump of PLAY last week @ $30:D
  4. Just how many shares of GOOG, CME and BOT can his viewers actually buy? Just 100 shares of each would run a person approximately $80,000.

  5. 40 on margin! :D
  6. JORGE


    Hate to add fuel to the fire, but you might want to add Friday's hot picks CNC -4 and WCG -3.5 to the list.
  7. if i found out about this and short all his buy recommendation, I'll be rich.

    I always think he is full of crap and ignore him completely. I will pay more attention, if he say buy, i will buy a put.
  8. If he mentions

    His Kids
    I ""
    The CEO is greatest and I worked/lived nearby/know him
    Earnings tommorow.
    Its breaking a 52 week high buts its still a buy.
    Basically anything that looks like 90's momentum investing.

    Then its a no go.

    He's pretty good on Biotech tech and longer term plays with good entry's.

    You just can't rush blindly in and buy.

    Also the afterhours pops look like they'd be good shorts.
  9. rev shark calling cramer on this call yesterday.

    Rev Shark
    Buying in Front of Earnings AGAIN!
    10/25/2005 3:44 PM EDT

    I am going to bring up this topic again because it drives me nuts.
    Jim Cramer's answer to Maria on his CNBC "Stop Trading" sector when asked about the wisdom of his buy of Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE) in front of its earnings report was "that is going to happen" and that you should look at the big picture and not get caught up in the day to day volatility.

    I totally agree with that EXCEPT it still doesn't answer the question of why it was necessary to buy TXN in front of its report instead of today when the risk of a bad report no longer existed? What was the benefit of that sort of bet in front of earnings? It seems to me it is just an attempt to hit a home run without any acknowledgment of how risky such a bet might be if the company disappointed.

    I still can not understand the logic of trying to buy stocks, especially ones that have high expectations and are covered as heavily as INTC and TXN, in front of their reports. I see these as nothing more than slot machine plays rather than a logical speculation. I certainly would like to hear more about the rational behind these plays which have consistently failed lately.
  10. Please stop talking about this idiot Cramer. It's a waste of your time. The same is true for CNBC's other 'guru' Kudlow. IGNORE THEM BOTH!
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