Cramer says welcome to 1995 all over again!!!!

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    This Tech Run Has Only Begun

    By Jim Cramer

    About this article:
    What year are we in? Is it 1999, and we are about to fall off a cliff? Is it 1987, and we have just had too big a run? I don't think so. To me it feels like 1995, and we are just now being rewarded premium multiples for growth and for pricing power. That's what happened to tech this week. I think the next level of Internet programming is here, and it will cause a tremendous amount of growth for so many tech companies. That hasn't happened since 1995. That's when the big moves were made. I am up 15% on the four horsemen in a month -- Amazon, Research In Motion, Google and Apple -- and I don't think that we are anywhere yet. But so many people have gotten off these already because they are "up too much" that I don't know what to...

    continues but I dont subscribe to the article, 1st few sentences were why it needs to be posted.
  2. Cramer is right

    if you look at the chart, we're setting up another huge 1999 style rally. The nasdaq will go to 6-9K and the dow may double.


    Time to load up on long term options.
  3. I'm having flashbacks of 2000.

    Yeah, DOW 25k! Naz 8k. Just put all your money in the market and go long!

    BUY HIGH, SELL HIGHER. Yeah, buy those tops.:confused:
  4. uh oh
  5. if you forever live in fear of the market topping, you'll never make money. Dive in, just be cautious but STOP shorting until you see daily reversals.
  6. It's actually riskier in this market to short at any given point than to buy "tops".
  7. We're not at the beginning of a tech run... the nasdaq has doubled in 4 years.

    So this isn't 1995, more like 1998.
  8. You are fucking retarded if you think we are going for another '99, wait delete that, you are just retarded, period.<----end of story.

  9. Too bad you're not smart enough to make money.
  10. ...I'd have to somewhat agree with this cramer-esk surmisal. (is that a word?)

    Company multliples are still (historically) low and fundamentals are stronger. The question is...what is driving this market up? Back in the day it was all the hype surrounding the Internet.

    It's taken a few years - and some consolidation, but (i think) a lot of the hype proved itself out. Are there similar new technologies to drive this market to nosebleed levels? I'm not seeing it, but I am seeing a populace that is content to trade up regardless of price.

    Normal pullbacks may or are getting scarcer and scarcer and exponential jumps into the stratosphere may (once again) become the norm.

    I guess we just be happy and profit from it all and exit appropriately when the slam eventually does come.

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