cramer says The Bottom May Be Closer Than You Think

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    Again another pump job by cramer, now look I could agree with him 1000% if the markets were in a slow decline for 3 years but fucking 2 weeks and he is saying "the bottom may be closer than you think", I mean you cant make this stuff up, he is literally calling for a bottom in the market after it made new highs just 2 weeks ago. Amazing how quick people think markets are cheap after a 2% pullback, give me a 38% pullback and maybe we can talk.....

    Cramer: The Bottom May Be Closer Than You Think | May 17, 2011 | 06:22 PM EDT

    Another tough day in the market may make home gamers want to get rid of their big industrial plays. But Cramer said if you haven’t sold yet, don’t bother. After all, he thinks the market is closer to the bottom than it is to the top.

    “The time to capitulate has passed,” he said. “The time to be opportunistic may soon be upon us."

    Take Caterpillar [ CAT 102.08 -4.01 (-3.78%) ], for example. It reported the best quarter on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, with the biggest upward estimate revisions. But because of the perceived slowdown worldwide, coupled with miserable industrial production numbers released Tuesday, CAT has been a real easy sale. The problem, Cramer said, is that the sale has been ongoing and now is not the time to realize there’s a slowdown.

    Cramer contrasted CAT with Procter & Gamble [ PG 67.42 +0.48 (+0.72%) ], which reported the worst quarter versus the expectations in the Dow. Yet, it seems indestructible. Cramer believes that’s because PG said it was spending far more on commodity costs than it had predicted when it last reported. Since the commodity collapse, that is no longer the case. But, Cramer said, if you have only recognized this now, you may be coming in close to the top.

    Other sectors getting slammed include oil, machinery makers and miners. But Cramer warned about easing the pain by selling.

    “You’re being emotional if you sell here," Cramer cautioned. “That is, as long as the fundamentals are still intact."

    In other words, Cramer is not suggesting holding onto Hewlett-Packard [ HPQ 36.91 -2.89 (-7.26%) ], Research in Motion [ RIMM 43.78 +0.92 (+2.15%) ] or Cisco [ CSCO 16.64 +0.04 (+0.24%) ]. Those companies are broken, he said. But Caterpillar and Cramer fave Cummins [ CMI 106.49 -3.63 (-3.30%) ] both reported excellent quarters, even as the companies’ stocks fell.

    If you took profits when these stocks were ripping, Cramer thinks its time to think about buying back the stock using “wide scales” on the way down.

    And if you haven’t already sold a stock like Freeport-McMoRan [ FCX 46.83 -0.52 (-1.10%) ] or DuPont [ DD 52.30 -0.62 (-1.17%) ] or ConocoPhillips [ COP 71.54 +0.11 (+0.15%) ], he said, “perhaps it’s time to rethink the direction and recognize that the bottom, while not here, may be closer than you think.”