Cramer says take profits now

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  1. Jim Cramer just posted a suggestion that those with war-related profits might want to think seriously about taking at least partial profits. He used RTN as an example, and its chart does look very toppy.
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    who is Jim Cramer
  3. ktm


    You don't know who Jim Cramer is? Man, have some people been living under a rock or what?

    Jim Cramer is the drive-thru supervisor at the Burger King on Reedy Ave just off 695 near Baltimore.

    Before there he worked at IHOP.
  4. Boy, I was afraid it was the Cramer that cost me gobs of money (stupid me) subscribing to his 'buy list'. Unfortunately, I followed his advice, cost me over $5,000 PLUS his subscription fees!!

    Dumb Ass (Me, for listening to a huckster)
  5. I thought he was the grill cook at the Waffle House off I-75N up in Kennesaw.
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    Isn't he Seinfeld's goofy neighbor?:confused:
  7. horse's ass = Jim Cramer

    I've written him about 6 emails in 1999-2000 telling him what a charlatan he is! And he still hasn't changed his spots.

    NOW... what did his wife SAY?!

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    I thought he was the guy that went for lunch on Saturdays once a month at that greasy spoon across the road from Butterfield Bank in Bermuda.
  9. No, in Bermuda that was Kozloski (sp?) from TYC. He cost me even more than Cramer!!
  10. Why such hostility towards a modest, unassuming guy who just wants to give you the benefit of his superior intellect? Anyway, give the devil his due. He called the war rally, and now he is taking some profits.
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