Cramer says "Run For Cover" - Buy lots of staples like Clorox

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    "Before you think of profit, you need to think about how to protect yourself,"

    With this bearish mentality, he is looking at stocks like Clorox(CLX) and Walgreen(WAG) as defensive names.
    Canned goods, like Campbell Soup(CPB), is another safe place to be. "Investors should start nibbling at this as people will continue to buy their products, but they should do so carefully,"
  2. Cramer: We’re Six Months From Prosperity
    Published: Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010 | 6:45 PM ET
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    By: Tom Brennan
    Web Editor, Mad Money

    The market is never late, Cramer said Tuesday, it’s always early. And given the way stocks are acting now, he thinks we’re in for a great end of the year.

    Cramer said the market is about as close as we’ll get to a crystal ball, and what he’s seeing right now is job creation. He specifically pointed to the import figures released this morning, which indicated so much demand that increased hiring is virtually inevitable. After all, someone’s going to have to make the goods being ordered...

    Should not we be now only 5 months away from PROSPERITY???

    great call! 2% and 1 week away from the exact top...

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. Your calls are well documented on this site. You have no right to laugh at anybody's calls...

    Looks bad now, but if the market turns around after this correction, this post will be thrown back in your face.
  4. well, i don't get paid to make market calls...

    so, when my short calls turned out right in the end, was i right or was i wrong? was cramer right about 6 months to prosperity after the market dumped like it did even if the market rebounds?
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    He was screaming buy a few weeks ago. How does this guy stay on the air?


  6. Ratings. Viewership + Ad dollars. That spot use to be a dead time for CNBS and now it is one of their most - if not THE, I have no idea - highly viewed slots. He's a huge cash cow for them.
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    i remember the guy, here, on ET,who trade against every stock Cramer point at. he did pretty good :p
  8. Here is the deal. I would say the majority of guys who visit this site off and on do so for entertainment value. Look at this place, there is no valuable strategy to be found here. Point me to the section which describes the valuable strategies...the other people who are here are either trolls, hacks and confidence men trying to convince you that you need to send them money. There are no real traders here.

    Cramer, on the other hand, gets paid over a million a year and claims to have been a hedge fund manager with a stellar record. Cramer has a higher level of accountability then the posters on this board...
  9. Ahh, the resident apologist. Your calls are the worst on this site, as you're always long and wrong. Cramer said to sell on the day of the flash-crash, and then said all is clear after the EU bailout rally. He's clairvoyant, but only in the Bizarro-World.

    When do we throw your abysmal calls in your face? I don't think there is enough time in the day.
  10. The main thing is if Cramer is Bearish now it's time for you to get bullish.. After you make profits and Cramer gets really Bullish close out those longs.. Follow his advice backwards, he talks about buying a little now and getting more later buy a ton now and sell it six months later when he's ranting and raving.
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