Cramer says its time for bears to go into hibernation!!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Mar 23, 2010.

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    He keeps talking about shorts trying to short the market which is pushing stocks and markets higher, I'm also hearing this all over cnbc, to me this sounds just like another worthless excuse for reasons why markets are moving higher.

    Cramer says its time for BEARS to go into HIBERNATION!!!!

    He says just a few weeks ago everything was going for the bears due to these reasons that never came through!!!!!

    I guess all the reasons below have faded, there wont be any chance of any of these ever coming to light in the new economy bubble ben bernanke has saved.

    1. Commercial RE suppose to collapse

    2. Housing prices suppose to take another step down

    3. Chinese Bubble was suppose to be bursting

    4. 1st Qu was suppose to be a down QU for tech,

    5. Health Care Bill

    6. Banks Squeezed by Financial Reform

    7. Consumer TAPPED out!!!

    8. People still filing unemployment claims

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  2. Please fill in the blanks...

    Cramer rants about the death of the"bear" as __________ dribbles down his lip.......Cramer rants about the latest government prop _________ is splattered in his eye....Cramer waxes rhapsodic about the latest "uptick" in the COMPLETELY manipulated ____ (the "gold" of the "other" side of the world oozes from his _____!!!)" How does Cramer do it?!?!?


    P.S. If, as some claim here, that Cramer reads this forum...Cramer, have me on your show...and, oh, you can't edit me,....let me see if I can show how the gov't is manipulating EVERY F'ING market and how this "ride up" is nothing more than fleece'ing the unsuspecting masses....we'll see how long Cramers' masters allow such a show to go on!!!!"

  3. How many times we have to go down this road. It’s not about bulls and bears. This market is rigged.

    Uncle Ben bought a trillion of garbage mortgages. Freddie and Fannie are having their mouths stuff full of money from Timmy.

    And it is all going into the stock market. When the spigots are all turned off then the markets will come back down to earth. Until then enjoy the free ride…
  4. didn't Cramer tell people to get out of longs on SUnday night because of the health bill?
  5. why yes, yes he did.
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