Cramer says "Housing is a total crisis"

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  1. Come on man,,,look at this clown,,,,and tell me he's not on something. Either that or he's starting to crack. Plow it under!--plow it under!!! haha!!!What a douchebag.
  2. Going back to 98... when he thought the market was done and he panicked... very next day it reversed.

    Is this is a buy signal? Haha... j/k..
  3. amazing this clown.

    his just come out and said this.

    the credit spreads have reversed their widening and the subprime crossover indexes have come back a 100 basis points.

    another cnbc contra indicator.

    get long housing stocks and sell the treasury bonds.

    well done cramer you twat.
  4. Cramer is seriously a clown. I don't understand why people have ever bothered to listen to him..
  5. He gave a great piece of advice to people. Walk away from your home or renegotiate
  6. I hate listening to him too. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He is very annoying the way he speaks.
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    he says this now, did he not come to elitetrader to see my posts over the last yr
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    Where do you get the ITRAXX crossover indexes from in realtime?
  9. I can't believe that nobody cal lthis asshole out on his bullshit. 2 weeks ago he tells his readers that subprime doesnt matter. Now he's telling people to run for the hills. Why does he continually get a free pass on this shit.
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