CRAMER SAYS Buy Lululemon!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Sikhinvestor, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Buy Lululemon right now... It's going to go up.
  2. It's certainly enjoying a pop up. Remains to be seen if it will then be flushed faster than a koran down the toilet at Gitmo. :D :p :D :p

    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider"

  3. Cute! :)

    Not sure if the "Cramer" crowd knows how to invest in a fine company like Lulu. Sorry if that sounds cruel. But, its true.
  4. I love Cramer b/c he is crazy. But I hate him b/c of his stock picks.

    But if you have to pull two new picks out of no where the picks aren't going to be that good.
  5. No offense guys, but everytime I see a post like this one on ET then its a contrary indicator. All you guys agreeing that its such a great stock. It appears to me the underwriters priced this at 18 dollars and now its nearly double that. Getting in now makes me feel like Im late to the party and buying your smelly shares. Sorry guys, no thanks.
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    I just bought my girlfriends daughter (16 yr old) a $120 pair of spandex pants at this joint because she HAD to have them to be kewl.

    If your a girl you know that this company is solid.

    If your a dumb ass 43 yr old male like me you've never heard of this company.

    It's a long term hold imo.
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    kramer loves these companies. He loves under armour and crox as well. People buy this stuff and wear it and the companies continue to expand and grow.

    I tired to get LULU on the ipo in my brokerage account but they labeled me a restricted person because of my prop affiliation. thanks Mother Merrill. I could have used an 18 to 31 winner over the last week in my retirement account considering where how my mutual funds did the last two weeks.
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