Cramer says buy homebuilders???

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by spades434, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Says KBH quarter was " thing of beauty", so buy the homebuilders. Uhhh, no thx.
  2. who cares what that loser says....
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    Come on! If you are genuinely saying "no thx" then there should not even an attempt to create a thread for that non-value opinion. You just ignore as everybody else do. :(

    I hope someday that I could have an option to put the newly created alias by an already existing member into the Ignore List.


  4. The point was to make a note of another ridiculous call by Cramer, saying buy the homebuilders after they've run 25-30%.

    As for aliases, I wouldnt know anything about that. And since you probably got your ass handed to you today, and got a shitty attitude, you get the distinction of being the first ETer that get's this reply from me: "FUCK YOU"
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    When you give a gift to somebody and if he doesn't take it, what will happen? It will go back to you, right. So I don't think I would take the last two words. :)


  6. Although I only trade futures, no stocks, I am very familiar with the construction market, and in my opinion it is way to early to buy homebuilders, at least from a momentum point of view.
  7. Since you responded, I obviously didn't make it to your "new alias" ignore list. You can look back thru every message I ever posted, in my short ET life. At no point have I gone after the OP in a personal way. If I can't contribute something constructive or humorous, I keep quiet. There's enough jerks out there creating turmoil without my assistance.

    And since you returned the gift, I will wrap it back up and save it for another day. Hopefully it won't be given away anytime soon !
  8. Well Gentlemen, you know what to do. Go short in the bank.

    Cramer (Since the bear market started) and stock_trader (All the time) are the most effective and most inexpensive inverse indicators you'll ever find. Take advantage.
  9. It's another example of a ridiculous call by Cramer, in my opinion.
    There's always the possibilty that he finally get's one right. Keep throwing darts, somethings gotta stick.

    But with unemployment headed to +10%, more bank trouble, a glut of unsold homes, many more foreclosures ahead, and difficulting refinancing debt, how can anybody responsibly say BUY BUY BUY on the XHB. He should have been in line with Dylan, walking papers in hand.
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    Cramer is a wanna-be trader who made a few dollars in the dotcom boom, is clueless about the market, works for a wall street shill network and got his ass handed to him by a comedian (Jon Stewart) 'nuff said.
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