Cramer says $125 oil

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    wow, this oil craze is getting out of control.....friend of mine told me she paid $4.50 for gas somewhere in CT a few days ago, thats not even diesel.....

    $4.00 near me, should be $5.00 when oil gets to $130++++

    no stopping this run, seems the higher oil goes the better the economy does, or does it....hmmmm

    oil going back below $100....

    [video] Cramer: Oil's Going to $125at 2:59pm)
  2. If Cramer said it, then the price will do the opposite of what he said. Cramer is just a bagholder idiot, and his followers are more idiot than him.
  3. I N F L A T A I O N

    markets will set all time highs very soon.

    check this chartr out
  4. Make sure to thank Bernanke, and tell him to keep up the good work slashing interest rates and the value of the USD.

    The rise in the price of oil is demonstrably and provably NOT due to supply/demand issues.

    In our economy, savers are punished (with low interest rates on savings), while reckless actors are bailed out, on a case by case basis, by the central bank, with your money.

    Most incompetent fed head, ever.
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    If Cramer said that, expect the top to be in :)
  6. Keep driving those SUVS and I will keep collecting those Fat XOM dividend checks and now BP as well.

    So go buy more Escalades and keep pumping.
  7. sooner or later cramer could get it right...
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    I suggest that interns at and mad money be limited to say 10 post per day, Cramer himself limited to 5 (for all his nicks, not per nick). There's only so much inanity anyone person can take a day, don't you think?
  9. Cramer is nuts but I would put oil at $140 within the next couple months.
  10. Gasoline is still dirt cheap in the US, lot more room to go up

    Belgium 8.51
    France 8.26
    Germany 8.44
    Italy 8.26
    Netherlands 9.32
    UK 8.07
    US 3.61

    (prices per gallon in USD, dated 4/14/2008, source
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