Cramer saids if no bailout Dow down 2000+ true or not true?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Sep 26, 2008.

will the dow drop 2000+ points on no bailout?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. well cramer yesterday on realmoney silver said that if there is no deal, the dow down 2000+ points, is that true, or is he overreacting again?
  2. lrm21


    I love Kramer!
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  3. poyayan


    Could be true. Raise some cash. Get some foreign currency. Protect yourself. Nasdaq went from 5000 to 1400 and no one jump off the building.

    What so scary about Dow drop 2000+ points?

    In all likely hood, it could be the buying opportunity of a life time.
  4. won't it be nice for trading ?

    2000 drop and new bull market will begin?

    btw, world will not come to end if dow drops 2000 points.
  5. A 2000 point drop would be 18% - less than the 22% correction we had on Black Monday in 1987.

    It would be as serious, in reality, though, because they just rotated a bunch of weak stocks out of the Dow, replacing them with supposedly more robust companies.
  6. gnome


    We've had a bubble in leverage, too. Could be market has to go down much more than 2000 to clean out.
  7. what do you think, how soon republicans are going to say yes for bailout?

    saturday, sunday, monday?
  8. well its big c right, what if the worst happens, and brokers clearning operations start to fail, and the dow goes down 50 percent complete armagedon.


  9. you can get better economic data from the corner drug dealer than you will from cramer.
  10. gnome


    If no agreement by market close on Friday, better get long anyway... wouldn't want to miss the big gap up after deal announced "before Asian markets open Sunday night" deadline..
    #10     Sep 26, 2008