Cramer Said To Sell Rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrktObserver4u, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Last nite on Mad Money he told his viewers to sell. Even mentioned it here:

    <a href="">Sell sell sell</a>

    Who's looking to buy the dip :D
  2. yo!

  3. There's your Cramer dip... ES 894 :D
  4. Extension of rally underway.. thank you Cramer (gggg)
  5. GSEs looking to bounce while former CEO's get spanked I think. Market likes it too.

    More drama carries things in the up direction. Merry Xmas! :D
  6. Semiconductor Holders up 6% on crappy earnings news. :p
  7. McDonalds on its last leg this week and likely a bearable short. Who wants to pay over $5 for a BigMac Meal? I don't like that kind of inflation. Trading just a tad over $60 and looking like it wants to lose a few chicken McNuggets.
  8. Google strong my trader friends. Back above $300.
  9. Shorts tried to come in on ESZ8 at 909 and smack it down but not a good idea imho. :D

    Merck hype on CNBC. Don't look ready to go long to me.
  10. Moons converging on ES 930. Over that and big bull move, imho.
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