cramer said to buy a small amount of DEC 44 Call options on best buy!!!!!Down 98%!!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. S2007S


    BBY Dec 2010 44.000 call
    (OPR: BBY101218C00044000 )
    Last Trade: 0.01
    Trade Time: 3:26PM EST
    Change: Down 0.56 (98.25%)
    Prev Close: 0.57
    Open: 0.05
    Bid: N/A
    Ask: 0.01
    Day's Range: 0.01 - 0.05
    Contract Range: 0.13 - 5.50
    Volume: 1,144
    Open Interest: 18,986
    Strike: 44.00
    Expire Date: 17-Dec-10

    Talks about best buy, seemed very positive about it. Fast forward and today the stock is down over 15%, one if its worst days SINCE august 2002!!!!!

    2:16-3:06 mins

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  2. sprstpd


    Oh no, I'm sure he will twist his words such that he ends up nailing that call in retrospect. I think he meant to say Put options!
  3. Guys a monumental idiot..

    I feel for the people that listen to him, how he gets on tv, spews this shit and gets people to gamble there retirement money is criminal....
  4. In fairness, he did say a small amount as in, its just a
    speculative play.
  5. hayman


    He may be a buffoon, but he's a rich buffoon, who's made a lot of money "entertaining" people.
  6. nickdes


    A small amount to me would be 10 contracts!!!! This guy needs to be fired, I said FIRED.

    Crammer does twist all of his calls, have you ever watch some of his blatant stupid calls on You-tube. Search them out and laugh....
  7. there are not enough traders to even bother participating. why does he even bother with these calls,,people don't care to trade it.

  8. sprstpd


    I have heard Cramer say multiples times to buy 1 share of stock of companies to get invested in them. So translating that to options you probably should have just bought 0.01 shares! You were overleveraged by a factor of 1,000!
  9. nickdes


  10. nickdes


    On top of everything else, the 44 Strike on BBY DEC was selling for 57 cents, the stock would have to have risen 9 percent to break even. Crammer is an idiot and if you watch him then you really should not be trading.
    #10     Dec 14, 2010