Cramer said on July 16, 2007 "So Subprime Blows Up; So What"

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  1. una11


    I wish he had grabbed a chair and threw it or something, that would have been great, lol.
  2. I wish he said seven dirty words

    and p00f gone

  3. nice find.... very funny lol.
    this is what happened after cramer's meltdown...

    Aug6 Aug7 Aug8 Aug9
    +0% +3% +7% -1% XHB
    +5% +0% +2% -3% XLF
  4. Watch the 2nd Video where Cramer says the LEND buyout will go thru. Look at LEND afterhours tonight (Friday night). Apparently it may not go thru. Stock down over 50%.