Cramer said buy DAKT into earnings

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  1. he said buy before earnings..lets see if he takes responsibility..he did'nt say buy some now and more on a pull back..he said buy before the report,,he said this was down 8 points today...aonly an idiot would tell people to buy into a report.,.
  2. especially on dakt.. that thing swings like a whore with syph.
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    HE also said sell NTRI at 42, now above 50+ after reporting earnings.
  4. checkout

    He tracks Cramer's picks and compares them to Leonard the Wonder Monkey who flips a coin and either agrees or disagrees with Cramer's pick.

    I don't really agree with his W/L methodology for comparison. If one wins by 0.01% one day and loses by 15% the next day it's a tie even though over the two day period there's a significant difference.

    Using the W/L idea Cramer is slightly better than the wonder monkey (though it's probably not a statistically significant lead.)

    Using ROI as if each recommendation was a trade with a 30 day hold, the Monkey's doubling Cramer (0.15% vs 0.30%, though annualized it's 1.8% return vs 3.6% return.)

    I believe the results go back to Nov 2005, when the Nasdaq and SP500 were 15- 20% lower.

    It's amazing that anyone listens to Cramer when he's underperforming so badly. He'd even get fired from running a mutual fund at this point.
  5. i agree... he told people to nuy NTMD and a bunch of other bio tech spec plays that got absolutely hammered..
  6. He takes responsibility by putting a Post-It note on his forehead while you lost your shirt by betting on his call.