Cramer ripped by CNBC guest

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    ROFLMAO!!! That was beautiful! The talking mindless heads jumped on the guy immediately. Then they brought Cramer on to claim he called the market and is so great. LOL He called the bottom then the next day called the top, next bottom, next day top.....That was the highlight of watching CNBC in a long time. Now that's entertainment!
  3. I rarely watch CNBC but Hahahahhahahaha! I just got the end segment when Cramer came on. THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!
  4. he was pissed, but he'll be all happy-go-lucky at 5 central . :confused:
  5. Damn. Missed it...

    I suppose somebody will do a Youtube. I hope! :D

    I watched most of the morning, and I did not see one single time they put Cramer on for the big "20th Anniversary". And I'm sure I remember him being on as guest from at least 1998. Not 20 years, but still a long-time part of the show.

    Maybe they are trying to distance themselves from that joker? :p
  6. That was hilarious. It;ll be on youtube soon. It was like a drive-bye.

    You think cramer was just watching him talk smack about himself and just lept up and was like "I need to get on air now". LOL must have been funny upstairs in CNBC.
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  8. LMAO!!!!!

    Cramer is such a tool to actually dare and respond to that.

    He has to be mentally ill in all seriousness, entertainer or not.

    p.s. - I've been warned to stay away from CNBC today, not that I typically watch it (Bloomberg ftw), but I guess they have a self-congratulatory orgy going on over their 20th anniversary of shit reporting.
  9. The vid gets cut off a little early.

    Tried to find it on but couldn't...
  10. Cramer has a networth of tens of millions. Wtf is this idiot still doing on TV earning an "income" with CNBC and his ridiculous little garbage company TSCM?

    He should have retired in 2000 not only from his hedge fund but from everything. Instead he turned into a media whore that wants to be loved and admired by everyone but fails miserably. I think psychology calls this "bald head and small dick syndrome". He's trying to compensate.
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