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  1. Does anyone know how I could get the Cramer rant "They Know Nothing" as a ringtone?
  2. I wish they made a Timmay ringtone.

    It would probably cost like $5 a ring though.
  3. Download the video from You Tube and save it on your hardrive. Determine what audio format your phone recognizes and transfer the .MPG to that format. You can use this website to automatically convert it for you.

    I can just imagine hearing Cramer screaming in the middle of a darkened theater. Now wouldn't that be fun.

  4. I want to take it further than that. Once I have it on my cellphone, I'm going to use it throughout the day-- In line at the supermarket, parking lots, church, etc. I laugh every time I hear it!
  5. If you have a .mp3 of this, can you please upload it or send it to me. I would love to use it, just dont have the software to convert and edit. thanks
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    i would love to get it as well when done
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    I have ring tone of a stock t3rd falling from the ring, heads down and goes underwater.
    It makes a sound which goes.....

    "eeerrrrrrhhhh - kerplunk - splat"
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    cool! thanks!
    now i only need the closing bell ringtone....
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