Cramer predicts 17% Jump in the DOW for 2007.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by S2007S, Dec 28, 2006.

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    You see, I expect the Dow to grow about 17% in 2007, to 14,548.
  2. clown head cramer is the biggest fade on extremes & has sold a few major bottoms & he`ll buy the top here...............but my guess is he`ll use paper (public/his followers) to unload his longs in january.

  3. Confirmation that we're near a intermediate top. 2007 will be a down year! Thanks Cramer!
  4. A question about Cramer...he always mentioned that he was a hedge fund manager. Why doesn't he suggest shorts and or hedges/option plays etc. Was his so called hedge fund just a long only leveraged fund?
  5. If he was a good manager, he'd still be managing. Instead he doing a lot of talking so take a guess on his performance.

    Countertrend Cramer Stategy is a good play. Look to gold as a nice hedge with some options to grab the downside move.
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    17% is extreme, but I guess anything is possible especially where markets only go in one direction.....UP
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    wasnt he the one that said stay far away from the airline sector....hahah

    CAL up over 90%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% for the year...
  8. Dow Chemical?:D
  9. actually cramer isnt the one....Don Hayes was on cnbc and called this
  10. Actually, it was Cramer.

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