Cramer points out 4 BULLISH signs for all you fans out there!!!!

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    Seems every time there is a huge upward move in the markets cramer always comes and yells why there is plenty of more upside and how the bears always get it wrong and have not a fucking clue why the economy is stronger and better than they actually believe it to be.

    1. A compromise on tax credits? Since when do 2 different parties agree on the same thing??? Who knows how quick this is going to be decided on since everyday there is a whole other story involved with this situation. There wont be a clear answer on this until Jan 1st 2011 comes around by then who know what the markets will think of this by then.

    2. Basel III agreement, doesn't matter since these don't go into affect 6 long years from now, did anyone actually think they were going to get this going by tomorrow morning. Bunch of nonsense.

    3. European Union predicts its economy will grow fast than expected, wow is this so, all of the sudden they are predicting a faster growing economy because of strong output data during the second quarter, hmm I wonder how much of bubble ben bernankes magic brushed off to that side of the world.

    4. You cant leave out china if your hyping up the markets, because without china of course the world would be pretty much useless and worthless now a days. cramer says that china has clearly engineered a soft landing that it had planned, you know like the soft landing bubble ben bernanke and henry paulson talked about a few years back. Now he says china can now move ahead with double digit growth once again. By the way china threw a $585 Billion dollar stimulus plan at their economy as well back a couple of years ago to prevent there economy from slowing as well.

    Four Bullish Signs | September 13, 2010 | 07:18 PM EDT

    Enough with the bears and their "parade of horribles," Cramer said on Monday's "Mad Money." He has a host of game-changing, positive news to put to bed the bear's "daily fret and woe lead stories."

    First, the Republicans suggested they might compromise on tax credits, so that the "rich don't get richer and the middle class wins some tax break extensions." That spirit of compromise might also infuse all of the pro-business proposals that President Obama has rolled out, especially the incentives for capital spending. That lifts uncertainty over pending regulation, Cramer said. This is a positive, he said, because if we don't have to fear the Democrats, we don't have to fear the upcoming election as much either.

    More uncertainty has been put to rest with the Basel III agreement and its effect on international financial regulations. Cramer thinks its a non-event for US banks because most have raised huge amounts of equity thanks for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Furthermore, these rules are expected to go into affect six years from now and given the earnings picture, Cramer doesn't think it's a worry. With less uncertainty surrounding the banking industry around the world, there is less new equity issuance than some expected and so the banks can finally bottom. When that happens, Cramer thinks financial stocks will come roaring back.

    Third, the European Union predicts its economy will grow fast than expected. Cramer thinks that's good news for US companies with European exposure.

    Lastly, China has clearly engineered the soft landing it had planned and can now move forward with double-digit growth, Cramer said. That growth is good for the auto industry, as well as the travel and leisure group. Cramer recommends looking at Wynn [ WYNN 90.88 +1.33 (+1.49%) ] and Las Vegas Sands [ LVS 32.10 +0.48 (+1.52%) ] because they have the most exposure to Chinese gambling. He would also look at some machinery and mineral companies, like Bucyrus [ BUCY 68.15 +1.28 (+1.91%) ], Joy Global [ JOYG 66.59 +1.73 (+2.67%) ], Caterpillar [ CAT 72.24 +0.98 (+1.38%) ] and Freeport McMoRan [ FCX 81.7775 +2.4675 (+3.11%) ].