Cramer picks Obama - Romney will win

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by KMAX, Nov 4, 2012.

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  2. 440 EV's and 55% of the popular vote!!!

    WTF? Is he ever right about anything?
  3. judging by his absurd prediction about the house seats it looks like he is just having fun with it.

    that is to say if his silly prediction comes true he looks like some kind of genius and if not nobody remembers or cares.

    sort of a heads i win tail you lose situation.

    btw, he gets on my last nerve but everybody on tv does. :cool:
  4. CNBC is poisonous noise to a trader..
  5. Obama is pushing 85% chance of winning now, so that part he's probably clear on. 440 electoral college votes is pretty much impossible, however.
  6. Sadly Obama will most likely win... the guy will now be able to realy push his agenda without worrying about next term.. i thought Goldman put money behind Romney... maybe that was just a hedge.. haha
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    I live in a very blue state and in talking to people I see that they are really mad at Obooboo. The liberal media won't talk about the anger but it's there.

    The turnout, I believe will get Romney in the W.H.

    Better a Morman that a moron!
  8. +1. I'm tired of people hating anyone that has made money ... and someone please tell me what Obamas religious beliefs are? Its wrong to be christian in the medias eys
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    Does anyone even watch Cramer anymore?
  10. I was thinking about doing some CNBC back testing to find out how off they really are
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