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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Feb 27, 2004.

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    Anyone see his column on this? He is bullish off the back of the action in AWE and potential corporate activity in the sector. One of his quotes was that it was a "down 1, up 6" risk/reward.

    Sentiment is very negative, so the downside is probably fairly limited, and there is fairly large short-base. I am not so sure on the takeover potential. Any thoughts on this one?
  2. hes been hyping chtr for a long time. im sure at some point something will make it pop.
  3. cramer should be making license plates and wearing an orange jump suit......he is a perfect example of what is wrong with th industry and instead of punishment or shame, he is rewarded and provided a forum on's a sick joke and the sight of him on television tests my resolve not to hurl my television into the middle of Broadway and head over to Fort Lee.
  4. Quit hedging around and tell us how you REALLY feel about Cramer! :eek:
  5. I don't own it and know nothing about the fundamentals other than what Cramer as written, but I think the idea makes sense. Be prepared to hang on to it for a long time however. I just don't see the RBOC's spending the dough to implement fiber to home hookups, and until they do, cable has the best pipe to your house. At some point, that's worth something.

    Say what you will about Cramer, but I don't think he will hype a stock then dump it on you. Can't say the same about stocks that get touted in other media, like Barrons.
  6. I used to be pretty down on him as well. However, I have to admit that his track record over the past year has been pretty impressive. (Though I understand his record wasn't nearly as good during the bear years, it seems his approach works quite well in bull phases.)

    Also, unlike many faux market experts and ostensible king traders, a few of whom can be found on this board, he puts his trades out there in real-time for everyone, including the peanut gallery, to critique. So love the message, hate the messenger if you like. All I know is I'll keep listening so long as his ideas continue to have merit.
  7. OMG, we'll be driving hovercrafts when the RBOCs/CLECs get there -- my wife is an RBOC exec and she though any inference to fiber into the home was funny.

    I was one of four tied to a DS3 until very recently, but went with a 3mbit cable hookup for $40/month, can't be beat.

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    Cramer was a raging bull on JNPR when it was 5 points higher, telling people to BUY, BUY, BUY.
  9. Look, I'm not on Cramer's payroll, so I have no interest in defending him. However, that kind of myopic comment makes me laugh. Why don't you mention his recommendation of DIS calls a couple weeks back at .65 that 2 days later on the Comcast news were 2.75? Or how about his AWE buy recommendation when the stock was around $7? Or NXTL at $19? Or. . . .

    What's your track record, buddy? You batting 100%? Somehow I doubt it. And if your trading timeframe is as short as your apparent attention span, I agree he's probably not for you. You'd be far better served subscribing to Good luck.
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    Dude, you need to mellow out. I have actually been reading Cramer since he launched years ago. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't.

    My post was meant to point out the issue of timing. A lot of people were burned on JNPR, and he was pushing it more than normal.
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