Cramer on tilt

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  1. dont


    Just watched the video

    Guy is seeing his arse, he is panicing
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  2. He's panicking.

    He's in trouble, and he knows it. Those subpoenas last year were issued for cause, and with today's NYTimes article on SEC erred on Peqout, everyon e is on notice the SEC is bought and paid for. Now, Jimmy is more than likely going to show up in Gradiant and Rocker's email chain. don't forget. OSTK has discovery.

    There is an old adage. "nothing is ever bought on Wall st. It's sold." They know he has the gift of gab, and he moves stocks. I believe he talked to them, and they really want him to help them.

    What's not to believe that people who would take 20 to 1 leverage for 2 pts believing nothing would ever go wrong would blow up?

    Yup. It was telling. I'd believe him before Jimmy's conf call that he walked out on early.

    Look. BSC cleared for every scumbag firm in the world for years. Does that show good judgement.??
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  3. Agreed 100%.
    And yes, as someone mentioned earlier this guy was never on ANY Trading Desk at GS.

    Meanwhile, he hypocritically criticizes the Bear Stearn's CFO Molinari for his comments during Bear's CC, and yet Cramer goes off the "deep-end" ranting and raving about how the Fed has no idea what their doing . . . fanning the flames of a declining market on a Summer Friday in NYC.

    What a hypocrit.

    Oh, and another thing.
    Did the FED close the Discount Window or something? Cause after listening to Crapper, you would have thought such was the case - - - which is clearly not.
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  5. Cramer is the best contrarian indicator. I think we are getting closer to the bottom everytime he cries uncle and pisses in his pants.
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    Why is the show still running? Shouldn't it have stopped by now.
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  7. As we speak they're scurrying to hire some cum drunk ho to fill his time slot.

    You guys have really corrupted me, :D thks
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    LOL just enlightened you my friend..
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    Cramer announced on his show tonight that finally Bernanke listened to him and now the fed is starting to talk about housing/credit crunch problems. I am glad that Cramer is able to affect fed policy by his ranting and raving. I mean without him, who would save me?

    I am glad he is talking about the federal government bailing out the 7 million jackasses who bit off more than they could chew on their mortgages. Without him, the world would just be a house of pain. Gosh he is great. I feel like we all owe him our gratitude.
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  10. He is so full of s**T.. Like they listen to HIM.. They would listen to me over him..
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