Cramer on tilt

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    To show off and act slick is a British trait, but this American is one big exception. I think he needs to spends some bucks on escort services without telling his wife. This guy might explode his head one of these days or might bang it on some hard flat object.
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    We can only hope. Anything to get him off the air.
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  4. i have to admit he scared me with today's antics........i mean if he really is on the phone with this industry insiders and they're shitting bricks and Ben is giving them the silent treatment then i makes me scared as far as how bad things really are, can get, and could be.
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  5. You really think anyone of any importance is talking to Jim F-ing Cramer?

    After all this time, how can anyone believe anything that lying douche bag says?
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    if cramer's "inside" contacts are similar to those 1-2 years ago, there's nothing to worry about.

    cramer has almost no friends on the street. he's got more than he did a couple years ago, since he now has a television program that people can use (him through).

    having said that - in response to some other things - cramer's program will have much better viewership during bull markets than bear markets. he doesn't have a significant amount (to him) of money in stocks - most is charitable trust. but the most important thing to him - ego - really RELIES on his cnbc show being popular, and him being thought of as a genius.
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  8. It's amazing to hear Cramer say on TV how many Fortune 500 executives are calling him to discuss the state of the credit market. Who on earth would talk to this nutcase in the first place?

    Once CNBC axes his show I am sure that will eventually save a lot of retail investors a lot of money.
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    Longhorns is an idiot
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    Cramer quote

    "hat's the secret of the quintessential New Economy stock: Cisco (CSCO:Nasdaq - news). This giant networker has the ability to control its own destiny. It can, as my colleague Adam Lashinsky says at TSC, buy any company it wants to. It can pay any price. Because it has a currency that it better than U.S. dollars: It has Cisco stock. It can do that because it raises the bar every quarter!"


    Does anybody take this guy seriously he's a comedian
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