Cramer on tilt

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  1. I can't stand calling any attention to this hydrocephalic-fool, but he's absolutely lost it... and now the blatant BS comes spewing:

    ""Dick Fuld called me in 1998 to bid the stock [LEH]... "one million at 32! Two million at 31!"" I didn't realize Cramer was Instinet.

    "I worked on the fixed income desk at GS...!" He was a high-ticket retail stock broker at GS. He never traded a FI-ticket for GS or anyone else.

    I hope this rant is on youtube soon.
  2. I don't know why we even post about him or waste our time on him. He is a complete fool.
  3. Agreed, but the train-wreck might have well stated he was Torquemada. I'd be more inclined to believe that one.
  4. lol i thought you were going to talk about how 2 days ago on his show he told everyone that the market is fundamentally sound right now, hahaha, ma and pa are gonna get laid out one of these days buying one of these dips on a cramer reccomendation, and there will be mass outrage and that will be the end of the public life of jim cramer. (hopefully)
  5. Haha god i love seeing that, sooooo funny, this time though i think he has a wider audience, how many average investors go to the
  6. why hasn't the show been cut yet. hasnt it dropped significantly in terms of viewers and ratings?
  7. you have to admit his antics today was hilarious
  8. when GS was trading at $220 and down $6 that day, Crayon Cramer said anyone who sells GS at $220 "is an idiot"

    GS at $180 it
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