Cramer on the NYSE floor tommorow!

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  1. J. Cramer will be on the NYSE floor tommorow. I bet he will hold off on the antics. But how long will that last....should be fun to watch.

  2. Look like a trend down day tomorrow. :D
  3. Stocks will soar!!! Just a lot of people will get burned later.
  4. Drew07


    I'm gonna be honest.....I respect Cramer quite a bit. I think he's a smart guy and I think it's good that he gets a lot of people interested in the stock market. However, if his hedge fund was all that successful, then why isn't he still trading rather than trying to be a TV icon? I know he would say it was too stressful....but it really makes you think....wouldn't he rather be remembered as a profitable fund manager than a fucking dickhead that gets retail investors into shitty underperforming stocks. I've had a few drinks but thats my 2 cents. Cheers
  5. Danulous


    he already was a profitable fund manager and it was a successful fund, now with a tv show he's noticed in the mainstream media. what other hedge fund managers do you see regularly on tv doing whatever the hell they want...seems fun, and a no-brainer to be the first with that tv show
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    Yeah but can he honestly be happy with himself at the end of the day when he pumps a bunch of mediocre stocks for everyone with a brokerage account to go out and fill their portfolio with?? It's like when George Clooney or Ben Affleck or some idiot tries to go on TV and act like they know everything about politics.....stick with what youre good at and people will respect you, don't try to be someone youre not.
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    he's good at trading and investing in stocks...he's not a "george clooney of politics"...unlike clooney, he knows his shit. and the point of his show is to show how he and other fund manager's think so the viewer can someday make his own decisions. it's almost like a news show where he says his opinion on a stock and why. he doesn't really pump, he just stresses possible opportunities to buy or sell.

    if viewers just buy whatever he tells them, then they shouldn't be handling their own money. and he does and has been making fun of those people that buy things that he mentioned the next morning, and then the stock goes down. he calls them "morons." you're not supposed to agree with everything he says anyway.
  8. gaj

    gaj he's NOT good at investing in stocks.

    if he was good at investing in stocks, his action alerts portfolio for the past 5 years would be doing LOTS better than it is.

    one of the reasons he sent out the "mea culpa" letter a few months ago...
  9. big money fund managers don`t want to waste their time on an amateur network like cnbc............serious traders trade & jackasses behave as such on national television.......btw,what the hell is with your love affair with cnbc &`d be a perfect fit for their panel of cheerleaders & whiny bitch boys.
    cramers act is as old as dirt & is nothing but irritating to even the novice of investors & traders out there.
  10. How tall is ol' Cramu?

    Either Erin is 6' 5", or Crames is a midget!

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