Cramer on The Colbert Report

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  1. blast19


    Did anyone else see this? It was hilarious...Cramer looked like a wounded animal trying to pitch his book. It looked like someone gave him a lot of shit for being an idiot...can't really explain it, but there was a certain wounded animal look in his eyes.

    Pretty much said his book is a guide to watching the tv show and that he's been too influential so he wants people to learn lessons from the show, not necessarily to make money wiht his picks.

    He seemed more like an ass than usual and kind of coked up too.
  2. Yep, I agree with you. I honestly think USA would have much more dignity if Jim Cramer would not exist. I do not understand why a country has a TV show about economics and investing with such a poor sad clown.

    Ah yes, it is because people likes to lose money while he makes it, yep!
  3. mjh


    why won't this jagbag go away. The other day he was explaining to all the quants in the audience why medical waste management ws such a good play and he had all these plastic containers for needles and actually showed what you do with the needle when you're done with it (duh)

    And then he did something that kinda blew my mind ---he took a small plastic gorilla toy and started injecting it in the neck with the needle. Man this guy is off the hook.

    Maybe he thought it was coke and he just missed LOL!
  4. ah... hope my PVR caught it
  5. mjh


    Jimbo says that he has to clarify his statements about his recommendations because people are confused when he recommends a "high flying stock". What he means is "I recommend high flying high risk stocks for young people who will lose money to make really, really, BIG money"

    This guy steps on his dick all day long and makes money at it.
    LOL! Good for him I guess.
  6. blast19


    he's the king of asinine...watching him is like pleading insanity to get off a muder wrap. he's a bullshit artist.

    backstepping now after all this time as a "money manager" and a "tv personality" leads me to believe that jim cramer is a bunch of skin and diarrhea.
  7. He actually came off better than he deserves to on the show.

    Had the balls to say he didn't know the 'power' his show had for a year in the after hours market. Scum with a 50 iq hanging in the chat rooms knew all about it, and he didn't?

    Total bs.
  8. S2007S


    agree, he knew the whole time that when he said something about a particular stock that it would easily move it 5-10% AH.
  9. You Cramer Blaster's are totally clueless.
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