Cramer on Mad Money "Dont take your money out of Wachovia"

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  1. Bearn Stearns Redux!!!

    Let's see if Jimbo can make it two for two (or 80 for 80, or whatever his fade record is).

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  2. You know, those people in Ft. Lee are working night and day guessing what comes next.

    I'm going to run some coffee and sandwiches over there right now.
  3. bxptone


    Didn't he say to by LEH last week or the week before? My god how is this guy always wrong just about, yet still have an hour show every night touting stocks?

    Didn't he said the market bottomed for the 5th time like 3 weeks ago? Something REALLY wrong with him, and I mean as in SUPSECT.

    I watched the first few minutes of his show tonite, first time in a long time and he was saying how he saw this coming last year, yet he said the DOW would close at 14500 last year. And he was saying how great he was because he got you out of all these stocks?

    Ummmm lol didn't he tell everyone to BUY all these stocks that got us into trouble, through the whole housing thing he said buy Thronburg , CFC, etc. LOL how can people get away with this!?!?


    Jim Cramer:
    What I’m saying is that there are bargains right now, there are stocks right now that if you’re shrewd enough, you will be able to buy them at the opening today and you’ll make money in a year from now.
    It has been a year since Jim Cramer made his many picks in Mad Money Lighting Round last January. Undoubtedly, many people followed his advice buying his stock picks. To get an idea of how much money they made, I decided to do a little research.

    The research is straightforward enough. I looked up the recap of Mad Money Lighting Round at and tabulated Jim Cramer’s bullish and bearish calls. I then calculated one-year returns from the second (market) day he made the calls.
    Bullish: If a bullish call has a one year return higher than that of the S&P 500, it is a right call. If not, it’s a wrong call.
    Bearish: If a bearish call has a one year return lower than the S&P 500, it is a right call. Otherwise it’s a wrong call.
    I calculated the accuracy of his calls by this formula: Accuracy = right call/all calls. I also determined what return a loyal Cramer follower would have made if he/she had bought all of his bullish calls and sold all of his bearish calls.

    In January of 2007, Jim Cramer made a total of 194 bullish calls and 123 bearish calls. Out of the 194 bullish calls, 60 are right calls. Out of the 123 bearish calls, 53 are right calls. The accuracy of Jim Cramer’s bullish calls is 30.93% and that of his bearish calls is 43.1%. The combined accuracy is 35.6%.
    During the one-year period after Jim Cramer made his calls, the S&P 500 fell an average of 3.72%, his bullish calls on average fell by 3.33% but his bearish calls actually increased by 3.11%.
    The table below shows Jim Cramer’s calls on 1/3/2007 and their subsequent one year returns. You may request a complete report of all of his January 2007 calls from MZ Capital.
  5. thtat means get the FUCK OUT, liquidate shares, withdraw ur deposits/ its going down
  6. Cramer has a tv show which means he is not excused for CONSTANTLY making bad calls. if he was such a shrewd trader,he would have seen the double top in the markets and told everyone to get out in novemeber.what good is he if he tells viewers to get out after a 10 or 15% drop in the markets.i read abouyt good traders who called a top in novemeber but no one paid attention;perhaps they should have tv shows. what does he do,he tells everyone to dump in mid january. yeah,that was a big help for all the farmers in the mid west who are still fooled by his spewing.
  7. I think they are headquartered in NC, but they operate here in the southeast.

    from what I heard, these guys are big time unscrupulous crooks.You really think they are going to tell people the truth?they are money hungry and will run you over, they dont care if you go bankrupt.As long as they make money.thats their mentality.

    scary right?

    my money is already gone, closed my account one month ago
  8. say it isnt so

    down pre-market to 9.27 a 14% haircut already?
  9. What's that saying?

    Oh yeah...'Live by the sword, die by the sword...'
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