Cramer on downtick rule

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Just watched his segment bashing the rule placed last summer. I think its a great rule. It helping with the juicy swings in the market and volatility. This is a great environment to trade both directions.

    Didn't this asshole make millions with his hedge fund shorting. Fucking hypocrite. He should eat a dick.
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    sure now that he doesnt trade anymore he is all about protecting the investor meanwhile in his day he would rob your grandmother to make a buck!!!!
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    I couln't agree more. CNBC along with Kramer is nothing more than corp and neocon cheerleaders.

    Crammer is just pissed because his little dog and pony show isn't fun anymore. If this loud mouthed carnival barker masquerading as some one who cares does manage to rouse whoever it is the sways the SEC to get this done - I'm leaving this country.

    Companies fail - markets go down - if you make a bad bet, you loose. Capitalism -What happened to it?
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    Don't know about dick, but he eats crow all the time.

  5. Mate arent you talking about the UPTICK rule that was abolished last year?
  6. Fuck off Jim. Why not add a down tick rule to buy too!
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    Smart move, cramer!

    Really hope the uptick rule could be reinstalled!

    The recent market volarity has much to do with the remove of uptick rule.
  8. CNBC is really amazing sometimes. Everyday they have the top fund managers picking bad stocks, the bottom callers who have been wrong for the last 1000 points on the dow and cramer playing the blame game. Why would you want to invest in a market where there is a financial crisis?? Day traders make money, swing traders make money, investors get slaughterd! One thing that can save cramer is changing his show to a trading format or atleast teaching hedging strategies to investors. If you cant trade your sure as hell are going to have a tough time picking a stock to invest in.This is because whats a bargin today is a sale tomorrow and a discount next week.
  9. God, I hate how he plays on ignorant people. Seriously he is one of the people on my list to be in a cage match with.

  10. That is isnt correct I think you will find 90% or probably greater retail day traders cannot make a dime with a slightly lower % for swing traders. Investors overwhelmingly make money over a 2-10 horizon and investing into a distressed market where sentiment has crushed value has been be found to be one of the best ways to make excellent returns. Comments like the above simply prove why most daytraders lose their arse.
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