Cramer On Cover Of Barrons Looks Bad

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by john12, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. john12


    thank the lord it looks like the man who's destroyed millions with his"chase every high flyer no matter what the price" is being exposed. i'll pay the $5 for this one
  2. LT701


    i dont feel sorry for anyone who took his advice after 2001

    like the writieng wasnt on the wall with him
  3. Mvic


    This line is a true classic:

    "Most of these companies don't even have earnings per share, so we won't have to be constrained by that methodology for quarters to come."
  4. you've got to be kidding
  5. A broadcast channel telling people to buy this guy's stock picks? What? Read it twice. ---------------> "CNBC officials also said that viewers should buy Cramer's picks a week after they're aired."

    CNBC Officials should be saying people should get their own financial advice. Telling people to buy his picks a week after they've aired? Great. Let's ALL buy them & if they fall we'll sue CNBC for their official statement that we should have bought them.
  6. <p>The article is available to those who have WSJ online. I read it, it was not very insightful. My favorite Kramer story goes back before he had his own show. He used to brag about much he learned hanging around the dog tracks and betting on dogs. I am a professional trader who came to trading by way of gambling. I was a sports gambler, which in my opinion has a lot of correlation to trading. Betting on dogs seems a very pure form of gambling and I could never see how it could help one much in trading. I often tell friends of my adventures in sports gambling, but I can't imagine bragging about betting on the dogs.
  7. This pretty much sums it all up
  8. I also came to trading via sports betting...
    Classic sideways move between Zero Sum Games.

    In the mid-90s I viewed Cramer as some sort of guru...
    Today, after 15 years in the business...
    I wouldn't waste 60 seconds watching or reading about Cramer.

    I'd rather totally waste 60 seconds posting at ET.
  9. One desirable side effect of a bear market is that this moron will be taken off air for good.

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