Cramer mocking those who believe the next CRE crash that is coming....

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Dec 4, 2009.

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    4:02 cramer says not to worry about the commercial real estate crash because its not going to happen....

    He says reits are hitting highs, not new lows....

    praises the housing credit and cash for clunkers...

    even he doesn't understand the problems that lie ahead with these free money handouts....

    I feel sorry for this economy and permabulls like cramer...

    I have no idea why they cant just accept that these free handouts are not the way to fix this economy. Time will prove that bubble ben bernankes ways were the wrong ways, it will be recorded and played back to the masses that his policies were completely backwards. You do not fix a broken economy with easy money and plenty of liquidity, the reason for this crisis was because of the same exact policies greenspan used, bubble ben bernanke is implementing the same exact policies at this very moment.

    wake up people.....

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  2. Cramer has been turned. You can see it in his eye. He's become a sycophant to those in power and a mealy mouthed wimp. Just look how he barely was able to stand up to John Stewart. I defended Cramer after that appearance, but his performance since then (not his picks, his selling out to the establishment and Keynesian policies) shows that he has no spine.
  3. It's drunk punch time on wallstreet. Its the drunk that we get before the big boys step in and clobber you. I never went to a due diligence without liquor. The worst the deal the better the catering. Cramer knows in his heart the worst is yet to come. we are artificially inflated and the CRE is coming and when it comes it will be worst than the subprime. This market represents the work of manipulators who think that we wallstreeters are stupid. We know that December is a terrible month for employment and yet they act as if we have arrived and the market is back for good. its about bonuses and once those checks are cashed by Feb 3 2010 we will see a decline as the bonuses wither away. When the CRE disaster hits there won't be enough businesses to fill the vacancies. its 1970s all over.

    Cramer wake up and sober up from the NUVO you are drinking...
  4. spinn


    when wasnt he a sycophant, when did he have a spine?

    didnt all the twitching tip you off?
  5. If the great commercial real estate crash that we always hear about from you and bylo was going to actually happen wouldn't the SRS be at 300 already?

  6. The point is that the price of SRE is not proof that a CRE is not on the horizon. One example is SEF from last summer.
  7. Maybe the point should be "don't try to extrapolate price action from tertiary ETF's."

  8. News alert: CRE has already crashed. Time to move on folks.

    BTW, one man's crash is another man's bounty. Yes, if you bought some comm'l re at a 5 cap in 06, you're fucked. If you made a loan to someone to buy some comm'l re at a 5 cap in 06, you're fucked. On the flip side, if you're looking to rent office or retail space in 09/10, you can name your price/concessions/location. If you want to start a restaurant, there will be any number of landlords willing to cut you a great deal. The cure for low prices is ... low prices.
    #10     Dec 5, 2009