Cramer might mention Waste Services

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Some weeks back, Cramer did an episode on Mad Money about two stocks he thought would be involved in a short-squeeze.

    One of them was Waste Services.

    On January 26th, the price was at 9.99. Then the day of the show, the price ran to 10.72. After the show, the price ran to as high as 11.75. Then the price went back down to 9 dollars in the time to come without the supposed "short squeeze".

    A caller last week called in nervously to ask when the short squeeze was going to take place. Cramer replied that he was going to feature Waste Services on a future show. Some time has gone by from that "lightning round" and I noticed the stock inching up on 4 times the volume on Friday. I also noticed that Cramer neglected to place the usual lightning round press release for Waste Services like he usual does.

    I highly suspect that Jim is going to mention Waste Services next week. The unusual volume and sudden price spike on no news.
  2. Just an additional note...he pulled the same routine with Acme Packet. He promised a caller that he would feature it on his show. The price ran to 16 dollars after the show and then he featured it a few weeks later making good on the promise. When he announced it on his show, the price spiked to 21 dollars in short time. Actually, I believe the price ran up mysteriously the day before the show.