Cramer & Kudlow short gold

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Cutten, Nov 22, 2003.

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  2. He also said this week after the earnings that HPQ will be up 3 points in the next few weeks. Let's see how many weeks it will take.
  3. Gee sounds like cramer has been on the money lol:)
  4. Before April, Kudlow and Cramer had called the bottom eight and five times respectively,being incorrect for three plus years.I still have a vivid memory of Cramer on CNBC ,saying we own it at$160,at$140, and buying more today at $130.He was referring to AOL.Quite frankly, I dont find them very credible,especially when only one side of the story is represented.Besides they've been talking down metals as an asset ever since it reappeared on the radar screen.Such a call is counter trend,and I'm certain they are'nt practicing what they preach.
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    The dollar is in the tank, gold is knocking at 400's door, the Fed is pumping dollars into the system like there is no tomorrow and these 2 pinheads are short gold. Sounds like a great contrarian indicator to me. They are entertaining to watch on CNBC but for entertainment purposes only.
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    Greenspan's policies should result in Stagflation, Hyperinflation, or Deflation. If it's Deflation, how do you think gold will fare?

    Anybody know a free website that tracks M3 ?
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    these guys are IDIOTS, kudlow has been a bull since the market topped,and that stuff cramer says is terrible because he knows better. long on KLAC when it trades at 1 zillion times 2005 earnings or something. get outta here.:eek:
  8. Hello rodden check out and then select economic indicators, they have m1-m3 and this area is free. Best regards, bill
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    They are keeping the public out of the move, whether they know it or not that are the pawns of large interests in gold. If there is a trend and media is talking it down, that should give even more confidence in the trends staying power. Always keep in mind the financial media is the powerful tool used to control the sentiment of losers.

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