Cramer knew the BEA deal was coming

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    Cramer is awsome. If you really believe that there really is no hope.We're freeking doomed!:confused:
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    We owe Cramer everything for saving the markets. Without him we would be at Dow 10,000.
  4. If the fed makes their decisions based off Cramer's advice, I should take trading advice from my dog.
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    No it must be true because Cramer has said multiple times that "they finally listened to me." Just trust in Cramer. Then everything will be ok.
  6. I knew a guy who went to the races, and let his dog pick the junk. He'd take out the face cards, and spread the numbered cards out on floor. Whatever the dog pawed first, that was the first race, again, and he had the double, and so on.

    He said he did pretty good. Besides that, dogs are better company than Crames. I call him "crames", you know.
  7. Thank God the market has Cramer on its side. Can you imagine the sum-prime mess if the Fed DIDDN'T cut rates? Good call Cramer on getting the Fed to listen.

    Between Cramer and the CEO of Goldman Sachs we should see another couple rate cuts.
  8. If not for jackasses with the mindset of Cramer, there would BE NO Subprime mess.
  9. sprstpd .... I always love it when you get in character the responses are priceless. It goes to show who's really thinking. To quote Wile E. Coyote, "Genius......simply genius."


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