Cramer just said to sell techs LOL

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pachoo, May 1, 2008.

  1. Pachoo


    At 6:40 PM EST 5/1/08 Cramer says to sell tech.

    I might go double long in google, apple, intel and microsoft tomorrow.
  2. tech is unchanged in AH so his impact is nil

    time 2 buy tech as always (RIMM GOOG AAPL BIDU FSLR AMZN)
  3. I was watching some time back just before the big rally when Cramer was on with Erin telling everyone just to be careful and put their money underthe mattress sometimes it's best not to be in the market.... whoops. ~stoney
  4. hughb


    The "Cramer Effect" is diminishing. His comments used to move stocks, not anymore. Yesterday I bought a coal stock, ICO and after the close that day Cramer had announced that ICO is the worst coal stock out there. A couple of years ago that kind of remark from him would have caused a sharp selloff, but it's actually up today.
  5. Crames is the ULTIMATE FADE.

    $$$$$ in the bank.

    If you literally do the opposite of what he says, and have a swing trader horizon, you are golden.

    Day traders can reap massive benefits from his bipolar system, also.

    When he wants to change his mind (even a complete reversal), he goes into the closet.
  6. I think im going to start going along with his calls. He cant be wrong all the time. He has to catch a hot streak eventually... Doesnt he?
  7. Cutten


    Many have died waiting for it...