Cramer just called the bottom

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dividend, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!! I was expecting a chart.:D :D :D
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    never watched they guy but im guessing based on the comments here this video is spot on....

    after 7 years away from stocks i jsut got back in in mid december. i know, great timing.

    sorry if its a duplicate
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  4. those are both great you tube clips - outloud lauging!
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    It cannot be possibly anything more than a very short term bottom. We have at least 1000 more points (more than likely around 2000) to go on the downside before we can call it an intermediate bottom. One of the biggest financial crisis in the history is not going to bring merely a 17 % correction from the top especially considering the bull market we have had in the last 5 years. Cramer is not making clear that this is a very short term bottom.
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