Cramer just called the bottom

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dividend, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. on January 23 2008 at 6:02pm
  2. Yep. Just heard about it myself. Must mean there's more room to the downside!
  3. His credibility is at rock bottom.
  4. Really? He called it after a 500 point bull reversal? Amazed!
  5. This is like the 10th bottom hes called. And since when has cramer ever had credibility?

  6. Cramer = "Mr Flip Flop"
  7. Im always amazed how many of you talk so much shit about him, yet continue to watch him every night.

  8. I read it somewhere else. I only watch him occasionally for laughs.

  9. Yeah, a day like this could easily be a short or even intermediate-term bottom...saying something is a top/bottom doesn't mean much. If this "bottom" holds for 10 days I guess he'll brag about it.

    Now if he said we'll go on to make new highs for the year, that would be a little more gutsy. But I don't expect that from Cramer.

  10. Don't misunderstand. I like Cramer's show and CNBC. I think his show is good but the lightning round I don't care for. Since Cramer is a big financial personality sometimes his comments are something to look out for.

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