Cramer: Is the Correction Over? HAHA

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    I have never heard Cramer say resistance and support in his show.

    His audience doesn't understand the concept of resistance and support.

    His audience is mostly paper traders with no position and no money to open a brokerage account and it's for ratings but he keeps them entertained like sports reporter.

    He doesn't ever uses charts because it is too boring and technical. The director tells him to use knife and hats and whistles stage props to keep show exciting.

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  2. Actually that was my way of asking you the same thing.'re a smart guy. Not sure why you waste your time with this site.

    BTW....You ripping me for my ETRD trade a year and a half ago was the best thing thing you could have done for my trading....but you have an horrible way of going about it. :)
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  3. ive learnt not to listen to people who were "previously fund managers"

    shanghai went down about 5% today. lol hangseng followed suit.
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    Hoping to see the ES close down 10+ points today.
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  5. Wrong. It's a well known fact that Cramer invests based soley on fundamentals. His show has an "Off the Charts" segment where he brings on chart experts to give opinions based on technicals (don't watch the show, but I do read the recap on Cramer's wife is the one who brought true charting to his hedge fund, and in his first book he admitted that he never believed in technicals until his wife showed him the true power of this type of analysis.
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  6. Cramer is definitely a maniac, and has certainly been wrong in the past, but if you followed his advice and were bullish these past 4-5 months, you have made alot of money. I know, I know, broken clock syndrome and all that, but the fact remains that he does have some good ideas and does deserve at least some credit.
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