Cramer , is he actually a retard?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Or does he just play one on TV?
  2. He's making $ hand over fist.

    Does it matter?
  3. you betcha
    Total Average Return since 2002 -14.57%
    2008 YTD Return -38.97%
  4. what's CRAMER'S "ROI" in him self since college??

  5. good but we know from reading his books that he paid for inside information. that is a practice that is illegal now. the point is cramer is now selling his stockpicking ability and the results are terrible.
  6. try going from '0' to 100 mil+ in 30 short yrs. that's a hellava trip NOONE can do!

    except a Cramer

  7. I wouldn't hire somebody like Cramer to clean my gutters.
  8. trendo


    I agree. But he might make a pretty good scarecrow. BOOYAH!
  9. don't hire anyone what you yourself are not willing to do :D

    Cramer is a rags to (unbelievable) riches story , that's a fact jack.

    i respect the man :D
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