Cramer Is Having His Ass Handed to Him

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  1. I can't believe he went on the Daily Show.

    Stewart is taking him down methodically and exposing him to the general public for the criminal we all knew he's always been.
  2. Not just Cramer the whole of CNBC. Stewart is right that CNBC could be such a resource for people to educate themselves relative to investing but who "invests" long term anymore. The only money that gets made is from money thats lost.
  3. I speed read a book by Cramer at the library once, it was pretty good really. John Stewart has him though, he has the surveillance tapes so to speak, and his presentations are funny. What is Cramer thinking by going on a show where they already exposed some of his idiocy? He should have made a nice comment like "nobody is right all the time" or something and bypassed the ordeal.
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    Good show. Stewart said what many of us are feeling, and it's great to see someone with more influence than ET threads calling out CNBC for the crap they have put on-air in recent years under the guise of "financial news". Frankly it's not Cramer that's the problem, it's how CNBC approaches the industry they cover -- to his credit, Stewart kept hammering away on that point tonight.

    Surprisingly, Cramer was pretty quiet....I suspect CNBC told him to just take the beating for the good of the network.
  5. this is old old shit.

    a decade old.

    look how worked up everyone is about something thats been going on daily for over a decade or more.

    the public is an ASS

    With all due respect to Stewart, I'd like to see him the bash some illegal aliens, a few welfare cheats, some pimps, you know, the real problem.


    Where be my ho's

  6. The way Stewart essentially trapped Cramer with the tape, though, and then spoke genuinely about how the criminality of wall street has ruined millions of lives - about the myths that the investment community has been peddling, while the sleaze among them capitalizes on the average person succumbing to the sales pitch through rigging and unethical machinations - that's the part where Jon Stewart shined, and showed he has backbone that few 'real' journalists have.

    I've never seen anyone tell Cramer that he is an out and out criminal in such a blunt fashion to his face, and have the evidence lined up so methodically to trap them when they then try and cry innocence on live tv.
  7. Uhh, wtf are you talking about? Wallstreet has created unimaginable wealth for millions of people.

    Ruined millions of lives? Are you stupid or just plain dumb?

    You're an exposed dope, and have most likely never bought or sold a share of anything in your life.
  8. They did it on the backs of the populace. Just because Blankfein, Paulson, Corzine and crew are worth hundreds of millions, it does not excuse the deviant culture that sucked that money from dullards running buy sides at pension funds.

    Yes, they ruined millions of lives.
  9. Son, I'll put every dollar of my real portfolio up against whatever collateral (probably a PS2, ganja and some Japanese Anime) you can raise.


  10. Just watched the videos. Cramer should leave CNBC. They threw him under the bus.

    And, as the Daily Show is engineered for the semi-educated masses, Cramer was just crushed.

    The producers of CNBC should be ashamed.
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