Cramer is a genious

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. he told everyone to be careful with stocks after we dropped 3000 points. he would have been an idiot to tell his viewers to sell in novemeber when the market double topped. he also mentioned he did'nt like tech in mid january after the naz dropped over 500 points. now i know why he has a stock show.
    seriously,if he was such a great trader,which he claims he was, he would have saw this coming in november when the dow double topped as some other good traders did. i guess he is just good at pumping momentum stocks in a strong bull market like his claim to fame; ATI . an idiot could have did that.
  2. genius?
  3. Geminous? Gonimous?
  4. eagle


    Sure. Because he knwos hwo stcok wroks.

    Cramer is a Wall Street jerk disguised as a talented security adviser. They do need him and they pay him to provide liquidity to the market through his followers.
  5. noparole


    Did you mean Cramer is heinous?
  6. Seriously . . . Who cares?

    The guy turned bullish back in Sept/October when he said that the FED finally "gets it".

    I'm surprised that anyone actually gives a rat's ass what this guy says . . . but I guess here on ET there are still a lot of people that care.
  7. ElCubano


    gnome is cramer??? i can't keep up with all these rumors
  8. I resemble those comments...