Cramer Indicator:said Yesterday The Pessimism Was Bullish

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Another sell signal was delivered yesterday when cramer said on tv all the pessimism was very bullish for the market.

    We know he lost his dignity and shame eons ago but how does this guy keep his gig?
  2. All questions about Cramer's ability or competency (or lack thereof) have been resolved absolutely in my own mind.

    My only legitimate bemusement centers around his ability, or the decision of CNBC, to keep his show on as long as they have.

    I wonder what his ratings are now versus, say, June of 2007?
  3. his rating are still probably good because 95% of the general public is stupid/doesnt use stops and finds the advice on his show "smart" because cramer has been at it for 20+ years and he must be right, right?

    on a side note i find his show very funny almost comedian like, thats why i watch it.
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    We should have a sticky or permanent thread that just posts his market calls like yesterday or last october or the many he s made this year.I think he might be running at 100% accuracy as a contrary indicator.
  5. Would you believe just 45,000 viewers?

    Scroll down near the bottom.

    Another metric:
  6. I love cramer's wisdom:
    "NOW I predict the low several weeks' ago is the bottom" :D

    gee, why NOW average joe cannot predict last Oct's high is the top:confused:
  7. 95% OF TRADERS LOSE MONEY which is why Cramer's show is such a hit. Cramer gives the 95% that lose hope as well as an excuse as to why its not really their fault..bla bla show is going to be much better and only for real traders.i'm ready to go on air right friggin now but the networks are intimidated by my astute trading skills.
  8. Maybe Cramer is paying THEM to stay on the show.
  9. so are the ratings for "murder she wrote" re-runs. now thats bad.
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